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How to Diversify Your Marketing Promotions

In April of this year, just as millions of Americans were filing for unemployment and trying to figure out new ways to supplement their income due to the global COVID-19 crisis, the online retailer Amazon announced that it would cut affiliate commissions for a list of product categories... read more


How to Market with Social Media Influencers

If you’re unfamiliar with social media influencing, all you have to do is read last week’s post and scroll through any social media feed to notice brand ambassadors representing the image, authority, and reputation of a multitude of companies. From athletic wear, to fitness foods, to cosmetics, to outdoor equipment… read more


How to Create a Return Policy That Doesn't Suck 

No matter how great your brand is, without fail, someone, somewhere, is going to be unsatisfied with their purchase for a myriad of reasons. This was an irksome reality before the internet, and now that online shopping reigns supreme, it's even more so. Managing customer returns... read more


How to Become an Affiliate Marketer 

Affiliate marketing is one of those things… like how bees make honey, or how geese don’t get lost when they migrate south, or how the tides changes… a lot of people kind of get it, but few people can actually describe the process completely and accurately.     The good thing… read more



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