How do you stack up against ClickBank's Top Earners? 

Do you want to know what separates you from seven-figure earnings? Are you curious what metrics matter when it comes to moving the needle on your ecommerce success? The Q3 Rundown Reports answers all of these questions and more like... 

  • What's  the average commission rate of ClickBank Top Earners? 
  • How many unique affiliates does it take to make it into the upper echelon?  
  • What kind of order capacity should you plan for if you want to scale?
  • Plus, tips and tactics to help you rise through the ranks! 



The Q3 Data Tells a Story

We took a look at over two million data points and found some pretty interesting trends. 

With the help of  ClickBank Business Development Managers, we explain what we learned and how that impacts our suggestions for ClickBank Vendors seeking to grow their digital marketing career in the upcoming year. 




 Harness the power of data to increase your earnings.
The Q3 Rundown Report is packed with of data-driven insights to help you focus on proven metrics that separate the cream of the crop when it comes to ClickBank earnings.
Analysis and trends from over two million data points can show you were you stack up and where you need to focus if you want to grow. 

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Here's what you'll find inside The Q3 Rundown Report:

  1. Five key earning metrics to focus on 
  2. Segmented averages to use as benchmarks 
  3. Insights from ClickBank Experts 
  4. Tactics to improve where you need it the most 




About the ClickBank Rundown Report

The online retail industry has always been known for its ever-evolving ability to pivot with the growth of the internet. With growth comes data, and with data comes analysis and insights. 

ClickBank, a leader in this industry, is committed to the growth of our clients. And with that comes a commitment to sharing knowledge that can help our vendors and affiliates reach their goals. 

This quarter produced valuable (and surprising) insights that tell a story about what it takes to be a top earner at ClickBank. 

In this report, we share the data and the trends to empower and inspire. 




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