Online sales skyrocketed. 

2020 was complicated. It was a year rife with change, adaptation, and--in some cases--growth. From all of those monumental shifts sprung learning experiences across industries. 

For ClickBank this meant  looking back on 2020 through our massive databank. We pulled from it some radical insights into how the pandemic affected many of our metrics. 

We found: 

  • The year over year percent increase in clients earning a $1,000 or more on ClickBank
  • The average number of days it took for new clients to earn a paycheck.  
  • The year over year percent increase in account signups. 
  • And much more.

We want to share these insights with you in this 17-page report to inspire and empower your decisions for the coming year and those after. May they all be better than 2020. 




We learned about earning potential.

When we dove into the data we learned what it takes to go from sign up to paycheck. We learned about which countries showed over 200% growth in signups over 2019. And we learned that, in the face of adversity, people turn towards courage and innovation. 




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Here's what you'll find inside this edition of The Rundown Report:

  1. Percent increase in ClickBank signups in 2020. 
  2. The average length between signup and paycheck. 
  3. Percent increase in affiliate payouts in 2020. 
  4. Percent increase in $1,000 paycheck earners in 2020. 




About the ClickBank Rundown Report

The online retail industry has always been known for its ever-evolving ability to pivot with the growth of the internet. With growth comes data, and with data comes analysis and insights. 

ClickBank, a leader in this industry, is committed to the growth of our clients. And with that comes a commitment to sharing knowledge that can help our vendors and affiliates reach their goals. 

We produce this quarterly publication to share with the data that prompts us to think, asks us to evolve, and dares us to go further. We hope it can do the same for you.  




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