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Welcome to the Official ClickBank Podcast

ClickBank all-stars Thomas McMahon and Kyle Kostechka dive deep into advanced affiliate marketing strategies to grow and scale your online business using affiliates. Get insider information from the ClickBank experts themselves.


Let's meet the hosts...

Thomas McMahon

Thomas McMahon

Senior Business Development Manager
Kyle Kostechka

Kyle Kostechka

Business Development Manager


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Episode 1:

How To Grow Your Brand With Affiliates

Breaking The Stigma

"Affiliates are scammy! Right?" Come on guys, let's break this stigma once and for all...

The real question is, can affiliates really grow your business AND your brand? Most businesses don't want to jeopardize one for the other. 

In this episode, we talk break down how to build your brand WITH affiliates instead of avoiding them, while growing sales in the process.


Episode 2:

How To Get More Affiliates

Affiliate Acquisition Strategy

Every offer owner wants to know, "How do I get more affiliates?"

We cover proven competitive strategies to attract affiliates to YOUR offer instead of someone else's. We touch on everything from marketplace listing optimization to winning affiliate tools page headlines, and everything in between. 



Episode 3:

ClickBank Super Affiliate Robby Blanchard

Monetizing Education

From struggling gym owner to one of ClickBank's top affiliates, Robby Blanchard shares his story and insights on how he's grown his affiliate marketing business to a multi-million dollar educational platform. 

We'll dive deep into monetizing educational content through JV contracts, partnerships, and membership sites.